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Invoice Notice

Invoice Notice

Invoice Instruction for foreign customers:

We provide PI ( proforma invoice) and CI ( commercial invoice) for foreign customers.

Invoice Instruction for domestic customers:

A 13% tax rate VAT invoice can be provided for companies of mainland China.

If you need VAT invoice, please provide the following information in advance when inquiry.

1. Company name: full name on business license

2. Taxpayer identity number: Social Unified Credit Code

3. Registered address: registered address on business license

4. Phone Number: phone number for tax registration

5.Bank and account number: The account opening license or the account opening bank and bank account number recorded by the tax bureau.

About the name of the goods on the invoice:

The goods’MPN,unit, quantity and unit price are issued according to the actual MPN of goods.

Instruction of Invoice return  :

Once the invoice is issued, it will not be replaced,so please provide your correct information of invoice in advance.

Without the permission of MY GROUP, the finance department will not accept any application for reinvoicing. If you send the invoice to any office address of MY GROUP with authorization, we are not responsible if the invoice is lost and damaged, etc. during delivery.



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